Gayle Scott was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Rutherford, NJ and moved to Manhattan in 1991. She is an accomplished actress and singer. Some of her credits include: Singing with the Tommy Dorsey band, background vocals on Linda Eder's Christmas and Gold Album as well as with the choir for Linda Eder at Carnegie Hall, Bravo and The Gershwin Theatre on Broadway.

Gayle has a beautiful daughter Olivia who started performing in her own band "The Jeannie rock and roll stars" at age 5 1/2. She too has the love of music. She enjoys singing, playing the drums, guitar and piano.

Gayle is now singing with Lou Moneta, who is a Lt. in the NYPD. They both discovered they were vocalists who enjoyed singing the great standards of our day and started to work together as "The Sounds Of Swing and Sinatra". Lou's voice is amazing and she truly enjoys singing with him.

Luigi Moneta (Lou) was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Woodhaven Queens. Lou is a member of the NYPD and performs throughout the city on his days off. As a teenager and young adult Lou always enjoyed listening to the songs of Frank Sinatra. He thought that it was a style of music that would last forever, not just a passing phase but a collaboration of people, musicians, lyricists and singers that came together to use their art to entertain and entertain they did! Lou teamed up with fanatastic vocalist Gayle Scott to form The Sounds of Swing & Sinatra.

Together they interpreted this style of music and perform it in such a way that is very reminiscent of FRANK, yet have added a spin of their own. It is new, exciting, distinct, and most of all, swinging! Lou is married to his wonderful wife Andrea and have 4 beautiful children, Anthony, Nicky, Amanda and Juliana. Both of Lou's boys are avid students of the trumpet and guitar. Amanda plays the saxaphone and the youngest Juliana is enamored with the piano.